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License: MIT
Maintainer: Community Plugin
Source: github.com
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Simple yet powerful RocketMod plugin for Unturned that manages whitelisting


  • Persists whitelisted Steam IDs in and XML file
  • Allows adding/removing Steam IDs to whitelist using commands


  • /whitelist <steamID> or /wl, usage permission: avi.zebra.wl
  • /unwhitelist <steamID> or /uwl, usage permission: avi.zebra.uwl

Planned features

  • MySQL persistence
  • Migrations between persistence modes
  • Secret feature


This plugin does not use the Unturned built-in whitelisting system.

Feedback and contact

Join AviRockets discord if you are interested in plugins, workshop or just wanna play DiscordRPG. Obtw there are freebies and giveaways 😉

Default configuration

Default english translation

Commands and permissions

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      fixed /wl command help; code cleanup; renewed AviRockets discord link

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        v1.0.0.1: updated for RocketHub build system

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