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License: MIT
Maintainer: Anomoly
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CuffPlugin – A one-stop shop for your custom game-server addons.

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Allows player to cuff and uncuff other players!



/cuff <player> | all

/uncuff <player> | all


cuff -Allows you to cuff a player

uncuff – Allows you to uncuff a player

uncuff.all – Allows you to uncuff all players

cuff.all – Allows you to cuff all players




Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CuffConfiguration xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="command_cuff_playerNotFound" Value="Player not found!" />
  <Translation Id="command_cuff_playerAll" Value="You have cuffed all players!" />
  <Translation Id="command_cuffed_playerCuffed" Value="You have been cuffed!" />
  <Translation Id="command_cuff_compNotFound" Value="PlayerComp not found!" />
  <Translation Id="command_cuff_cuffed_player" Value="You have cuffed {0}!" />
  <Translation Id="command_cuff_cuffed_target" Value="You have been cuffed!" />
  <Translation Id="command_invalid" Value="Please do /{0} {1}!" />
  <Translation Id="command_uncuff_playerNotFound" Value="Player not found!" />
  <Translation Id="command_uncuff_playerUncuffed" Value="You have been uncuffed!" />
  <Translation Id="command_uncuff_playerAll" Value="You uncuffed all players!" />
  <Translation Id="command_uncuff_notCuffed" Value="That player is not cuffed!" />
  <Translation Id="command_uncuff_uncuffedPlayer" Value="You have uncuffed {0}!" />
  <Translation Id="command_uncuff_uncuffedTarget" Value="You have been uncuffed!" />

Commands and permissions

/cuff <player> | [all]

Permissions: cuff

Allows caller to cuff a player or all players

/uncuff <player> | [all]

Permissions: uncuff

Allows caller to uncuff a player or all players!

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