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Version: 1.6.3

For Rocket:



1 – Make sure you combine the Libraries folder in the download zip with the one in your Rocket server located here: .../Servers/<ServerName>/Rocket

2 – Make sure you setup the correct permissions so your players can actually save kits!


This plugin allows players to save their current inventory as a kit that can be loaded later on. You can create and configure as many Presets as you want, to allow players different numbers of slots and item limits. There are also many other features including Copy, MaxSkills,  AutoSave, AutoLoad, the Slot Shop for buying more slots, and even more 😉

Big thanks to Kr4ken-9 for Loadouts.

Big thanks to Zamirathe for ClearInventoryLib.




Please note: < > means required parameter   …   [ ] means optional parameter


Commands & Aliases Parameters Description
/AutoSave, /ASave <kit name> Toggle auto-saving of your inventory onDeath
/AutoLoad, /ALoad <kit name> Toggle auto-loading of specified kit onRespawn
/AutoCopy, /ACopy none Toggle auto-copy, for copying the inventory of your killer onRespawn
/AutoSkills, /ASkills none Toggle auto-skills, for maxing out your skill levels onRespawn
/Save, /SaveKit [kit name] Save your current inventory as a kit (if not using a parameter, then kit name is from the config)
/Load, /LoadKit [kit name] Load your saved kit (if not using a parameter, then kit name is from the config)
/Copy, /CopyKit <player> Copy another player’s inventory to yours
/Delete, /DeleteKit, /Del, /DelKit [kit name] Delete your saved kit / or all of them (if not using a parameter, then kit name is from the config)
/List, /ListKits [player] List your saved kits (or someone else’s if you have permission “CK.list.other”)
/ClearInventory, /CI, /Clear [player] Clear your current inventory (or someone else’s if you have permission “CK.clearinventory.other”)
/MaxSkills, /Skills [player] Maximize your skill levels (or someone else’s if you have permission “CK.maxskills.other”)
/Buyslot, /Buy <amount of slots> Buy extra slots to be able to save even more kits (Uconomy or AviEconomy required)




Please note: Most permissions are based off of main commands. So the permission for /Save is “CK.Save”, and the permission for /Clear is “CK.ClearInventory”, and so on. All other permissions are posted below:


Permission Description
CK.Preset.<preset name> Gives access to X Preset (THIS IS REQUIRED FOR PLAYERS TO SAVE KITS)
CK.Preset.* Gives access to unlimited amount of slots and no item limit (unless you specify one – see FAQ below)
CK.Copy.Bypass Prevent others from copying your inventory



<SandboxMode>true</SandboxMode> - setting this to false will clear player's inventories when they save a kit, and delete that kit when they load it
<DefaultKitName>Default</DefaultKitName> - this will be the kit name for those who don't specify one when using /Save, /Load, /Del [kit name]
<StoreKits>true</StoreKits> - formerly "RetainKits_OnRestart", this will automatically store all player's saved kits so that they will be reloaded when the server is restarted
<RetainKitsOnDeath>true</RetainKitsOnDeath> - well, this one is self-explanatory: keep players saved kits if they die
<RetainKitsOnDisconnect>true</RetainKitsOnDisconnect> - and keep their saved kits if they disconnect
<IncludeClothing>true</IncludeClothing> - include player's clothing in saved kits

<DisableItemDrops>false</DisableItemDrops> - prevent items dropping from the player when they die
<Presets> - these are different configurations for each player, the permission to access the preset is "CK.Preset.<Preset Name>"
<Preset Name="Default" SlotCount="1" ItemLimit="15" /> - set the name of the preset however you want
<Preset Name="Member" SlotCount="2" ItemLimit="30" /> - SlotCount is the amount of kits that players can save
<Preset Name="VIP" SlotCount="3" ItemLimit="45" /> - Itemlimit is the maximum amount of items players can have
<Preset Name="*" SlotCount="0" ItemLimit="60" />
<BlackList> - you can prevent players from including these items in their kits
<EnableSlotShop>true</EnableSlotShop> - enable the shop for buying additional slots if you use Uconomy or AviEconomy (this overrides the SlotCount for Presets)
<CostPerSlot>500</CostPerSlot> - cost of each slot when you buy


Additional Features
  • Automatic update downloads!
  • AutoStore feature will automatically store player’s saved kits (and extra slots) every time the server auto-saves
  • Support for Uconomy and AviEconomy in the Slot Shop
  • In config, setting the default kitname to “preset_name” will make it the same as the preset name for that player



Q.) I know how useful this is for players, but how about server admins?

A.) This plugin can be very useful for server owners/admins, because it can be used in conjunction with server VIP ranks to give players another good reason for upgrading to VIP!

Example… Make it so default players can save/load only one kit, while VIP players can save/load more! (configurable)


Q.) How can I fix the “no permissions” error when trying to save a kit?

A.) You need to make sure that the groups and permissions (see above) are setup correctly in your server’s Permissions.config.xml file!


Q.) How can I set an item limit for the “CK.preset.* preset?

A.) Just add the line <Preset Name=”*” MaxKits=”1″ ItemLimit=”x” /> to the preset list in config, substituting x for the desired item limit. MaxKits doesn’t matter and will always default to an unlimited amount.


Q.) What is the StoredKits.json file for?

A.) StoredKits.json is the file in which player’s saved kits are stored when the server is shutdown. After your server starts back up, your players should be able to load their previously saved kits.


Q.) What about ExtraSlots.json?

A.) This is the file in which player’s bought slots are stored when the server is shutdown.


Q.) Why isn’t command working?

A.) Solution 1 – Other plugins may be overriding CustomKits’s commands, so just use their aliases instead!

Solution 2 – Delete your server’s Command.config.xml file. A fresh, new file will be generated automatically and your commands should work again!



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Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<CustomKitsConfig xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <Preset Name="Default" SlotCount="1" ItemLimit="15" Blacklist="261,262,263,264,265,266,267,268" />
    <Preset Name="Member" SlotCount="2" ItemLimit="30" Blacklist="1244,1372,1373" />
    <Preset Name="VIP" SlotCount="3" ItemLimit="45" Blacklist="1441" />
    <Preset Name="*" SlotCount="0" ItemLimit="60" Blacklist="" />

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="autoskills_on" Value="Auto-skills have been enabled!" />
  <Translation Id="autoskills_off" Value="Auto-skills have been disabled!" />
  <Translation Id="autocopy_on" Value="Auto-copy has been enabled!" />
  <Translation Id="autocopy_off" Value="Auto-copy has been disabled!" />
  <Translation Id="autosave_on" Value="Auto-save has been enabled and will be saved as &quot;{0}&quot;!" />
  <Translation Id="autosave_off" Value="Auto-save has been disabled!" />
  <Translation Id="autoload_on" Value="Auto-load has been enabled for &quot;{0}&quot;!" />
  <Translation Id="autoload_off" Value="Auto-load has been disabled!" />
  <Translation Id="max_skills" Value="All of your skills have been maxed out!" />
  <Translation Id="max_skills_other" Value="You maxed out {0}'s skills!" />
  <Translation Id="copy_bypass" Value="{0}'s inventory cannot be copied!" />
  <Translation Id="copied" Value="You copied {0}'s inventory!" />
  <Translation Id="auto_stored" Value="Successfully stored all kits!" />
  <Translation Id="are_you_sure" Value="Type &quot;/yes&quot; to delete all kits!" />
  <Translation Id="all_kits_deleted" Value="Successfully deleted all kits!" />
  <Translation Id="kit_deleted" Value="Successfully deleted, {0}" />
  <Translation Id="kit_saved" Value="Successfully saved, {0}" />
  <Translation Id="kit_loaded" Value="Successfully loaded, {0}" />
  <Translation Id="kit_list" Value="Your saved kits: {0}" />
  <Translation Id="kit_list_other" Value="{0}'s saved kits: {1}" />
  <Translation Id="no_saved_kits" Value="You don't have any saved kits!" />
  <Translation Id="no_saved_kits_other" Value="{0} doesn't have any saved kits!" />
  <Translation Id="no_kit_exists" Value="A kit with that name doesn't exist!" />
  <Translation Id="no_kits_left" Value="You have reached the maximum amount of slots for saving kits" />
  <Translation Id="blacklisted" Value="{0} is blacklisted and won't be included in your saved kit" />
  <Translation Id="item_limit" Value="You can't have more than {0} items in your kit!" />
  <Translation Id="ci_bypass" Value="{0}'s inventory cannot be cleared!" />
  <Translation Id="inventory_cleared" Value="Your inventory has been cleared!" />
  <Translation Id="inventory_cleared_other" Value="You cleared {0}'s inventory!" />
  <Translation Id="player_doesn't_exist" Value="{0} either doesn't exist, or is offline!" />
  <Translation Id="empty_inventory" Value="Failed, because your inventory is empty!" />
  <Translation Id="unsupported_character" Value="You cannot use {0} as your kit name!" />
  <Translation Id="set_permissions" Value="An error has occured because permissions were not set up." />
  <Translation Id="gave_slot" Value="You gave {0} {1} slots with item limit of {2}" />
  <Translation Id="received_slot" Value="{0} gave you {1} slots with item limit of {2}" />

Commands and permissions

Git changelog

0024cb2b31f7598 2019-05-23 11:29:30


    c7e6814712be2a0 2018-03-07 12:15:40

    Update 1.7

    • - Added preset-based blacklist for item id's
    • - Added Anti-vehicle spam (keeps a player from spawning more than 1 car at a time)
    • - Added new command "/giveslot <player> <amount> <item limit>" to manually give players more slots for kits
    • - Removed the Slot Shop
    • - Slightly tweaked Translation & Configuration files
    • - Updated to latest version of Unturned & Rocket
    • - Many bug fixes & stability improvements