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License: MIT
Maintainer: sharkbound
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updated libraries to fix a potential issue

Allows admins to create custom spawn points.
As a player spawn the player will be teleported to one of the custom spawns, if no custom spawns exist they will spawn as normal.
You can set the teleport delay in the config, Though i don’t suggest going under 1000 milliseconds.
The players also will have godmode until they are teleported (this can be disabled in the config file)


Added /forcebed command: this toggles if PriorizeBed affects individual players
added SpawnedNextToBedDistance in config, this cancels a spawn location teleport if the player spawned next to their bed and their distance to the bed is less than this value

Added priority spawnpoints, disabled by default in config. if enabled and the priority spawnpoint name in the config is a valid custom spawn they will spawn there (they dont need permission for priorty spawn points),
Also prioritze beds if enabled will take priority over priority the priority spawn point if enabled


  • /forcebed – permission:
    <Permission Cooldown=”0″>forcebed</Permission>
  • /spawn – permission:
    <Permission Cooldown=”0″>spawn</Permission>


  • /spawn <add || remove || list> (spawn name)

Adding a spawn:

  • /spawn add (spawn name here), Example: /spawn add bob – creates a spawn called bob where you are standing

Removing a spawn:

  • /spawn remove (spawn name here), Example: /spawn remove bob – removes the spawn bob if it exist

List all current spawns:

  • /spawn list – list all current custom spawns

Teleport to a spawn:

  • /spawn (spawn name)

Extra Permissions:

  • spawnpoint.all : gives the permission group permission to use all spawn points
  • spawnpoint.(spawn name) : lets the permission group be able to use specified spawn custom spawn point

Extra info:

  • You can set it in the config to have players teleported to their beds instead of spawns if they have a bed claimed

Report any bugs here!

If you would like to donate to me it can be done here (click the paypal donate button under the text) –

Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SpawnpointConfig xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <SavedSpawnPoints />

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="spawn_added" Value="Added spawn '{0}'." />
  <Translation Id="spawn_already_exist" Value="A spawn by the name '{0}' already exist!" />
  <Translation Id="removed_spawn" Value="Removed spawn '{0}'." />
  <Translation Id="spawn_not_found" Value="There is not any spawns by the name '{0}'" />
  <Translation Id="list" Value="Name: {0}, X: {1}, Y: {2}, Z: {3}" />
  <Translation Id="wrong_usage" Value="Incorrect usage! Correct usage: &lt;add || remove || list&gt; [spawn name]" />
  <Translation Id="teleport_spawn" Value="Teleported to spawn {0}!" />
  <Translation Id="no_spawns" Value="No custom spawn points found!" />
  <Translation Id="forcebed_ignore_bed" Value="You will no longer be forced to spawn at your bed" />
  <Translation Id="forcebed_use_bed" Value="You will spawn at your bed from now on, if priorizebed is enabled on the server" />

Commands and permissions


Permissions: forcebed

toggles if PriorizeBed affects this player

/spawn <add || remove || list> [spawn point name]

Permissions: spawn

list, remove, or add custom spawns

Git changelog

154084706293119 2019-10-14 21:06:46


    5d4e01807f1155e 2019-06-30 00:13:06

    added options to disabled forced bed spawn, as well as a fix fir not being able to spawn at bed when PriorizeBed is false

      7c21f55b68ca001 2019-05-18 02:03:53

      updated libs

        8d775ec12292755 2019-05-16 01:57:09


          ed3d494be520c57 2017-01-07 20:14:18

          updated libs

            ff9ac906c495cf1 2016-12-04 21:03:22

            added priority spawn in config.

              a3f8ed2d06abef6 2016-11-26 03:08:53

              changed spawn.(spawn name) to spawnpoint.(spawn name) to fix players being to use /spawn without having perms to

                6643145e7589ff4 2016-11-10 19:44:00

                fixed plugin not working right

                  4504763dac92da3 2016-11-02 20:00:11

                  fixed 'teleport to spawn' message broadcasting server wide. lel

                    b1faa7a72d9c8cd 2016-11-01 03:04:46

                    added a option to prioritize beds, also added ability to teleport to spawns using /spawn (spawn name)

                      743b9167f08f3a2 2016-10-17 19:30:33

                      possible fix for players spawning at spawns when they dont have any spawn perms

                        90190e567b47d80 2016-10-10 20:15:26

                        updated /spawn syntax and wrongusage translation syntax

                          ab1c0801f61c66c 2016-10-10 19:23:36

                          trying to fix /spawn syntax to display corrrectly on

                            152ae5e1d3fba08 2016-10-09 17:21:32

                            tweaked it to use a permission based spawn system

                              3cd551d542dab95 2016-10-08 02:56:03

                              removed uconomy lib

                                b2be2144a60cd13 2016-10-08 02:50:02

                                Remade Repository