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Death Messages Remastered

This plugin is used to send messages of different causes of deaths in chat, it can work with Uconomy to give players credits when they kill someone and also can give players exp for killing.

Examples of some death messages: “{player} has been mauled by a zombie!” , “{murderer} shot and killed {player}” , ” {player} has died due to an explosion of a vehicle!” , “{player} was obliterated by a charge!”, “{player} was shot in the head by {murderer}”


  • You’re able to change the color of the death message in the config.
  • All death messages are fully configurable based on the cause of death.
  • You’re able to see which gun the killer used to kill a player.
  • You can see the HP % of the Killer.
  • You can see the distance of the Killer from the Victim.
  • You can get warnings when your HP is low.
  • Specific death messages are shown for which body part was hit before the player died. E.g (“{player} was shot in the head by {murderer}”).
  • You can configure EXP given to murderers for whichever body part they used to kill a player.
  • You can configure credits given to murders for whichever body part they used to kill a player.

Options are added to enable/disable specific parts of the plugin such as Uconomy, Zombie Deaths, Exp, Low Health Warning, Player Distance and Suicides. 

Please be aware! If you don’t want to use uconomy with the plugin make sure that;

You have uconomy in the libarary folder located in ;


This means that you don’t need to use uconomy with death messages, and the death messages plugin will still work.


If you find any bugs/issues with the plugin please tell me here ;  :)!

Credit to Sadusko the original creator of death messages!

His source can be found here ;

Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DMC2 xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <warning1>WARNING: You are about to die!</warning1>
  <warning2>We recommend you to patch yourself up!</warning2>
  <zombie>has been mauled by a zombie!</zombie>
  <gun>shot and killed</gun>
  <melee>has melee'd</melee>
  <melee2>to death!</melee2>
  <punch>has punched</punch>
  <punch2>to death!</punch2>
  <roadkill>ran over</roadkill>
  <vehicle>has died due to an explosion of a vehicle!</vehicle>
  <food>has starved to death!</food>
  <water>has dehydrated to death!</water>
  <infection>has become a zombie himself!</infection>
  <bleeding>has bled to death!</bleeding>
  <suicide>has killed himself!</suicide>
  <landmine>has been blown up by a landmine!</landmine>
  <breath>died of holding his breath for too long!</breath>
  <grenade>blew up by a grenade!</grenade>
  <charge>was obliterated by a charge!</charge>
  <missile>was annihilated by a missile!</missile>
  <freezing>froze to death!</freezing>
  <bones>fell to their death!</bones>
  <sentry>was shot down by a sentry</sentry>
  <splash> was killed by splash damage!</splash>
  <headshotgun>was shot in the head by</headshotgun>
  <headchop>was slashed in the head by</headchop>
  <headpunch>was punched in the head by</headpunch>
  <shred>has been shreaded to death!</shred>
  <acid>was killed by acid</acid>
  <spit>was killed by spit!</spit>
  <fire>was killed by fire!</fire>
  <spark>has been sparked out</spark>
  <boulder>was killed by a gigantic boulder!</boulder>
  <usinga>using a</usinga>

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="" />

Commands and permissions

This plugin doesn't have any commands.

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                      Plugin Update - Fixes & more

                      • - Updated Plugin to work with latest Rocket
                      • - Fixed some issues with Uconomy reward messages not showing when player died by specific causes
                      • - Disabled death message displaying due to configurable groups for now
                      • - Removed some unused code
                      • - Fixed some misaligned syntax

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                                  Fixed Multiple Issues/Errors

                                  • - Error when uconomy was disabled has been fixed.
                                  • - Issue when player suicides it gave them money / exp.

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                                    Fix Unwanted Error messages

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                                                  Added Punctuation

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                                                    Added HP of murderer!

                                                      4fa163f891961ca 2016-11-13 20:52:49

                                                      Added killer's gun to death message

                                                        8f4ad4c60cafc7e 2016-11-13 19:23:53

                                                        Added Ability to change message colour

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                                                            0ebf2b40ac77ab3 2016-11-13 14:15:45


                                                            • Changed Please note

                                                            e97a35402251335 2016-11-13 14:11:49


                                                            • Added death messages to be configurable with groups in config instead of
                                                            • using the permission node.

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