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Maintainer: Alec123445
Source: github.com
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Dynmap 2

This plugin sends data to a PHP server that displays player positions, direction, whether the player is in a vehicle or dead. The web version is required to use this!!!


WEB Version Here current version is v0.7.2.


I use EasyPHP WebServer if you use EasyPHP devserver you cannot access the webpage from other computers only at


I might make a video on how to do this.

Plus EasyPHP webserver is only on Windows

Im sure you could find something else that would do it on linux but your on your own if you do that.


  1. Put the dynmap.dll in your plugins folder
  2. Start server so server creates config file.
  3. goto http://www.easyphp.org/ and download WEBSERVER otherwise it will not be visible on computers other than host computer
  4. Install EasyPHP Webserver
  5. Download this and copy the contents of the web folder into www folder in EasyPHP webserver folder
  6. Start EasyPHP webserver go down to the toolbar in the bottom right of windows and click up arrow and find the easyphp icon. Right click and click dashboard.
  7. Here you need to install php through the dashboard and find the url to your webserver for example < note the :888 is the port so you need to port forward this port. You should be able to find this on the dashboard of Easyphp where it lists the ip of the webserver.
  8. Port forward TCP. Also note that some ISPs\’ block port 80 from being port forwarded unless you have a enterprise connection or something. Port 80 is the default for web browsing.
  9. Document root is the folder you need for step 5
  10. In the rocketdynmap config define the url of your webserver where it askes for it. Make sure to add the :port after and i recomend if the webserver is on the same network as your unturned server you use the local ip url. If you are hosting the webserver on the same computer as your unturned server your url should be
  11. Another thing i recomend is that you navigate to your unturned folder goto maps and the maps you use copy the map.png and rename it to the name of the map and place it in the .maps folder in your PHP. It should of create it when you ran your PHP server for the first time with the PHP files in the www folder.
  12. To change the syncInterval which is how often it updates. Goto the config in your rocket for dynmap and change the syncInterval. The syncInterval is in milliseconds so 1000 is 1 second. Then you have to goto the www folder and then config folder and open config.dat in notepad. Change the interval to the same as the plugin. This i also where you disable or enable login and other features. To set up the login profiles goto the users.dat in the same folder. Also you can change the sync interval of the plugin only while the unturned server is running by doing /syncint (time in ms). Note this will not change the config file so next time you start your unturned server it will not have that sync interval.


This is a poor description but if your resourceful you should be able to pull it off.

If not good luck.

Once I get the player list working how I want to I plan on somehow adding a RCON window and maybe /spy functionality so dynmap can be more of a solid remote administration method than RCON by itself. Here is my current progress sheet/plans Here.

Also I believe that display in chat in the config for the plugin is set to true. I would set this to false if i were you.

If you want to give suggestions comment on this plugin.

BTW i plan on making this into an adminstration console so that people can easily remotely adminstrate.

Another thing is you might want to turn login on so that random people cant use it to get an advantage in pvp scenarios.


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Based off the work by LinhyCZ, and AnthoDingo info can be found below.

Developed by LinhyCZ, http://linhy.cz
Modified by AnthoDingo
Modified by Alec123445

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