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License: MIT
Maintainer: AmorphousBlob
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Remote Commands

Remote Commands

This plugin edits the original ‘God’ and ‘Vanish’ provided by Rocket. It allows the console, and admins to change the ‘god’ and ‘vanish’ state of other players. Additionally, features a silent option, to be able to change the state of the person silently without them knowing.

Additionally features permissions to be able to change other players ‘god’ and ‘vanish’ states.

Also provides a basic locate command (gives co-ordinates).

This command is very useful in conjunction with /freeze, as it allows the admin to stop other players killing the player they are talking to.


  • Control other players ‘God’ and ‘Vanish’ States.
  • Permissions Based state changing, if the caller does not have the permission god.* they cannot change other players states- If they do have ‘god.*’ but no ‘item’ – command permission, they can only change players that do not have the permission ‘god/vanish’ but if they do have the permission for ‘item’ they can change all players ‘god’ and ‘vanish’ states.
  • Locate command for finding coordinates (Same as tele-Utilities)
  • On Rocket-Reload disables every players ‘god’ and ‘vanish’


  • /god [player] [silent] – Type silent after player name if you don’t want them to know
  • /vanish [player] [silent] – Type silent after player name if you don’t want them to know
  • /locate [player] – Gives coordinates of [player] or yourself
  • – Not working without errors but works – /mw ([player] (*/ [playername]/ [classifiers]) – Only use if you know how to.

Soon to Come

Currently working on a command that lets you edit meta data of weapons, currently working but has a few errors that need to be fixed.

  • Would people like a timed version of the commands? i.e Add a timer to how long the player is in god or vanish. E.g Put player in god for 5 minutes- Stops Admins forgetting they put someone in god.


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