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License: MIT
Maintainer: NightFish
Source: github.com
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RP 911 Emergency

RP 911 Emergency:

This plugin allows a player to request help and have a police officer or similar respond to the emergency.



  • “/emergency <message>” or “/police <message>” Requests help
  • “/mute” Mutes/Unmutes incoming 911 calls for themselves only
  • “/pos” or “/position” Shows your current position in co-ordinates so you can locate the player needing rescued
  • “/respond <player>” Responds to a 911 call from a player



  • “emergency.send” Allows a player to call 911
  • “emergency.receive” Allows a player to receive 911 calls
  • “emergency.respond” Allows a player to respond to a 911 call
  • “emergency.mute” Allows a player to mute incoming 911 calls



There is one configuration option called “ShowCoordinates”

If this is set to true 911 calls will display the location of the sender, otherwise they will not and the included message will have to be used to send the location.

Default configuration

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