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License: MIT
Maintainer: Community Plugin
This plugin is maintained by the RocketMod Community.
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VoteRewards 3 allows players to receive rewards after they have voted for your server. 
Rewards can include different items, XP, money, permission groups, and more!

Version: 3.0.2


  • Configurable, random rewards based on probability
  • Configurable services (websites that are used to cast votes)
  • Global announcement (message everyone sees after a player receives their reward)
  • Support for Uconomy and CustomKits (see more info below)
  • Automatic updates



  • /vote – Send player to your server\’s vote page
  • /reward – Claim reward after voting
  • /reward <player> – Force-give player reward without voting



  • VoteRewards.reward
  • VoteRewards.givereward



Type Value
item (itemID seperated by commas)
xp (amount of xp)
uconomy* (amount of money)
group (name of permission group)
slot* (item limit)

…and more soon to come!

* Requires CustomKits / Uconomy plugins


Supported Services:



Setup and installation for this plugin is very straightforward:

  1. Copy VoteRewards.dll to your server\’s Rocket/Plugins directory
  2. Run your server and let it load up completely
  3. Navigate to your Rocket/Plugins/VoteRewards directory and open the configuration file
  4. Setup your services and supply with each API key accordingly.
  5. Now setup your rewards. You can setup as many rewards as you want.
  6. Next you\’ll want to pick a probability (1-100) for each reward. You\’ll want to use lower probabilities for more valuable rewards to make them less common.
  7. Finally, set your VotePageURL so players can easily access your web-page by using the command /vote



[email protected]

Default configuration

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<VoteRewardsConfig xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <Reward Type="item" Value="235,236,237,238,253,1369,1371,1371,297,298,298,298,15,15,15,15,15" Chance="40" />
    <Reward Type="xp" Value="1400" Chance="50" />
    <Reward Type="group" Value="VIP" Chance="10" />
    <Service Name="unturned-servers" APIKey="" />
    <Service Name="unturnedsl" APIKey="" />
    <Service Name="" APIKey="" />

Default english translation

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Translations xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
  <Translation Id="vote_page_msg" Value="Vote for us and receive a random reward!" />
  <Translation Id="already_voted" Value="You have already voted in the last 24 hours." />
  <Translation Id="not_yet_voted" Value="You have not yet voted for this server on {0}. Type /vote" />
  <Translation Id="pending_reward" Value="You have a pending reward for your vote! Type /reward" />
  <Translation Id="free_reward" Value="You gave {0} a free reward!" />
  <Translation Id="reward" Value="You've been rewarded {0}. Thanks for voting!" />
  <Translation Id="reward_announcement" Value="{0} voted on {1} and has received a reward! Vote now!" />
  <Translation Id="failed_to_connect" Value="Failed to connect, please try again later..." />

Commands and permissions


Permissions: reward

Redeem reward after successfully voting


Permissions: vote

Vote for the server to receive a reward

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        • Fixed some bugs

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          Update 3.0.1

          • Added Global Announcement toggle option to configuration
          • Bug fixes and improvements

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          Update 3.0.1

          • Added Global Announcement toggle option to configuration
          • Bug fixes and improvements

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                    VoteRewards 3.0

                    • Receive rewards for voting on or
                    • Rewards can include Kits, Items, XP, Permission groups, Uconomy currency*, or CustomKits slots*
                    • Easy to configure